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Access Granted 

Fimi Market, Inc., carves out NFT space for underrepresented communities

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For the average person, cryptocurrency and NFTs can quickly become overwhelming. Even more so for women, Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), and other minority groups who are often burdened with limited financial resources and education. Many aspiring artists and collectors from these communities do not know where to begin to become successful in the industry. 

At Fimi Market, Inc., we have intentionally created a space to help filter out the noise for these groups of people. Our goal is to help minority groups to build highly successful careers and collections. 

Fimi Market, Inc. launched theFimi NFT Marketplace in June 2022. 

We are proud of our NFT art marketplace curated by women, people of color, Black diaspora artists, and collectors to buy and sell art. This digital space is the only one of its kind; we intentionally focus on minority artists and collectors by going beyond art to focus on the needs of our artists. Fimi Market, Inc. enables and empowers underrepresented artists/creators to overcome common barriers to access the market. 

We Invest in People through Education 

Here at Fimi Market, Inc., we believe that education levels the playing field for underserved communities in the space. We provide one-on-one coaching to artists new to NFTs to help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.We help them “on-ramp” or learn and then use these skills to begin operating in the crypto/NFT space.  

By Winter 2022, Fimi Market, Inc. will launch an accredited, remote Web3 course targeted at artists in developing countries. 

We Put our Artists and Creators First 

We offer lower fees, reducing start-up costs, such as the ability to defer platform fees from blockchains onto the buyer via our ‘Lata Minting‘ feature. 

We increase the artist’s buyers’ pool by offering ‘Buyers Choice.’ Our Buyers Choice feature allows the artist to allow their buyers to select which blockchain they’d like to use for the transaction. 

We Focus on Exposure for our Artists to Build their Brands  

Fimi Market invests in programs to increase the exposure of our artists to help them develop their brands by getting them in front of more buyers. The Fimi Market ‘Stuntin’ program offers artists features they value, such as branded and unbranded shills on our social media platforms, long and short-format interview promotions, and blog features. 

We are proud of our investments in marginalized communities. While some other NFT marketplaces may offer one or a combination of these features, they are not often prioritized nor touted.  

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