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Dablo Campanini, Fimi Genesis Artist

Dablo Campanini 

As a child, Fimi Genesis Artist, Dablo Campanini, had always liked drawing, particularly depicting gothic monsters and horror story characters. Despite studying fine art in high school, he was always drawn to those darker subjects.  

As he matured, his artistic journey took a turn from the canvass to the skin, and he started to study tattoo art. As a tattoo artist, Campanini gave up the freedom of making mistakes on paper.  

“With the skin, you have one chance to get it right,” he says. Campanini attests that while switching to the skin became his new medium, the thrill of ‘getting it right’ became addictive. We often hear this from people who get tattoos, but less from the tattoo artists themselves. As a full-time tattoo artist in Greece, his illustrations have improved with time and dedication – hundreds of hours perfecting his craft.  

A few years ago, he was introduced to NFTs and crypto. When he saw the types of NFTs that were available at the time, Campanini admits that he was unimpressed with the quality of NFT art. This led him to create his first NFT collection, Piggy Punks on the Stellar network.  

Dablo Campanini has joined Fimi NFT Marketplace as a Genesis artist, with his debut collection, Crazy Doodle Crew. Each character is hand-drawn with layers and unique whimsical touches to each, such as tattoos and piercings as a homage to his real-life creations.  

As one of the first artists to mint on the Fimi NFT Marketplace, Campanini’s prefers the Lata Minting feature. Lata Minting allows artists to list their creations and defer the initial minting fees (NFT publishing fees) until the time of the sale. By removing the financial barriers, all creators are given a chance to thrive as digital artists on https://Fimi.Market  

Another Fimi NFT Marketplace feature is called “Buyer’s Choice.” When an artist selects Lata Minting, the artist is also able to select Buyer’s Choice, thereby allowing the buyer to select which blockchain they’d like to use for the minting and purchase of the NFT.  

As an NFT artist, he has been churning out hand-drawn caricatures and buyers appreciate that human touch to NFT art.  

Check out his Stuntin’ interview here: