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Fimi Market Inc. Signs Ras Kassa to Mint Video NFTs

Renowned Jamaican filmmaker Gerald ‘Ras Kassa’ Hynes will be minting a series of video NFTs on the Fimi Market NFT Marketplace.  

Ras Kassa founded the first Jamaican cable station, Music Plus, and was a creative consultant for local networks Jamaica News Network (JNN) and Reggae and Entertainment Television (RETV). With over 100 music videos for a multitude of Grammy-winning artists including Willie Nelson, Nas, and Damian Marley, Kassa further catapulted to international fame when he directed Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock music video. His work has been featured on MTV, BET, VH1, Country Music Channel, CNN, and BBC. In 2009 and 2010, MTV chose Kassa to direct two short films, Not to Me and Tribes as part of the network’s AIDS awareness campaign.  

“The Fimi NFT Marketplace allows the opportunity for my imagination to encircle the world without borders and control and for me as an artist, that is very important,” Ras Kassa says. 

The video NFT project will be released as part of a series and will be reggae and dancehall-themed.  Kassa signed on as one of Fimi’s Genesis Artists, where he will be creating NFTs exclusive to the marketplace.  

“It is our sincere honor to have Kassa call the Fimi NFT Marketplace his creative home. I am personally familiar with his influence and consider him one of Jamaica’s preeminent filmmakers and cultural ambassadors, said CEO Miguel Adwin.  

Ahead of its launch in late Q1 2022, the Fimi NFT marketplace has been gathering a cadre of artists globally to provide NFTs for discerning collectors. The platform celebrates and empowers artists to create, buy and sell art in the manner they seem fit. 

The company has celebrated an early milestone of listing its utility token ($FIMI) on the BitMart exchange on January 14, 2022. The FIMI token resides on the Stellar blockchain, inheriting a proven and robust ecosystem that is among the fastest blockchains with the lowest fees. The Fimi Market NFT Marketplace will feature multi-chain minting, allowing creatives and buyers alike to choose which blockchain is available on the marketplace they wish to mint on, providing another layer of creative freedom. For more information, visit Fimi Market Inc.’s social pages and website,