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$FIMI Token to List on BitMart. 

Fimi Market Inc. is pleased to announce that the $FIMI token will be launching on BitMart on January 14, 2022.  The $FIMI token is the utility token for Fimi Market Inc’s multi-chain NFT Marketplace. BitMart is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, ranked fifteenth by CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent source of reliable cryptocurrency information. 

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching our utility token for trading on BitMart,” said Miguel Adwin, CEO of Fimi Market Inc. “At the inception of this project, BItMart was our first choice of listing considering their platform’s ease of use and incredible customer service to both buyers and project owners. We’re excited to have this come to fruition,” he continued.  

The agreement between the two companies guarantees that the $FIMI token will be available for purchasing and selling on BitMart’s exchange. “We’re really looking forward to this listing partnership with Fimi Market Inc. and to be able to host their token for trading,” said Chad Liang, VP of Business Development and Listing at BitMart.  

Fimi Market Inc. attended the Decentralcon (Dcentral) convention in Miami from November 30- to December 1, where executives from Fimi Market Inc. and BitMart had an opportunity to celebrate the listing agreement together and network with the brightest minds in the Defi (decentralized finance) and NFT space.  

“It is a tremendous moment in the early history of our project” added John Savoia, CBO of Fimi Market Inc. “While this project has been in the works for some time now, we launched the presale of the token in early November. Being able to secure a listing agreement with one of the top fifteen exchanges in the world this early on truly speaks to the motivation and determination of our team. We can’t wait to be able to showcase the platform itself.”  

The Fimi Market NFT platform is scheduled for release in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022 and will allow for multi-chain NFT minting with some of the lowest fees in the industry and a diverse collection of exclusive work from some talented and amazing creatives.  

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