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Magusz, Fimi Genesis Artist

Growing up in Portugal, Magusz pursued a creative path that spanned from the easel to the stage and now digital art. 

When he was in the ninth grade, he was accepted into a prestigious art school in Lisbon, a two-hour journey from his home. He attended that school for one semester, but the commute proved to be too much for the budding artist. 

Magusz later studied architecture. “Too many straight lines for me,” he laughed. He described, architecture was ‘too perfect’ because he likes a freer artistic flow. 

While he never stopped drawing and painting, Magusz fell in love with the theatrical arts and began a long career acting on stage and leading workshops. In 2020, his girlfriend bought an iPad and he playfully took control of it after discovering software that yielded a new depth to his illustrations. Around that time, his brother told him about NFTs and cryptocurrency and he started to learn as much as he could.  

“My spiritual path is to bring positivity and light to the world. My art adds on to that as a different way to transmit that message,” he says. 

His collections on the Fimi NFT Marketplace reflects his spiritual approach to his art. They celebrate diversity and our uniqueness as humans.  

“WE 19” by Magusz

 Magusz sees a greater need to celebrate diversity on the blockchain. He admits he has encountered some toxicity veiled in anonymity in the crypto space. At the same time, he thinks this anonymity is artistically ‘freeing’ because people can express and represent themselves in any manner they choose.  

As a Fimi Genesis Artist, Magusz thinks highly of the support he has received. He has minted his art on other platforms and has not received the attention he has from the staff at Fimi Market, Inc. He also likes the ease of minting and the cross-chain functionality of the marketplace. 

“Not many platforms care about the artist. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Fimi Market,” he said. 

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