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McKayla Burdette, Fimi Genesis Artist

McKayla Burdette, Fimi Genesis NFT Artist

Growing up, McKayla Burdette was repeatedly told that making art was never a successful way to earn a living. She grew up drawing, but it wasn’t until her aunt introduced her to NFTs in November 2021 that she considered the possibility of selling her art. 

Burdette fully immersed herself online in web3 communities to learn more about NFTs and cryptocurrency. Once she found Fimi NFT Marketplace, she said, “People throughout the whole world can see my art and not just those who come over to my house,” an incredible achievement given that she is one of the few Fimi Genesis Artists who has not had a real-life exhibition. Fimi Genesis Artists are those who have signed on with Fimi on or before our launch and have helped make Fimi NFT Marketplace successful.  

Admittedly, Burdette said she was plagued with tremendous self-doubt about her art, and she didn’t know “where she wanted to be” as an artist. As a mom of three, finding a “for me” (fi mi in Jamaican) place was important to her where she could independently focus on her art and herself. She found that place in Fimi NFT Marketplace’s Telegram group. She stepped into the limelight and started showcasing her art. The result was a real sense of belonging for the artist. 

“This has been a real game changer on my mental health. Fimi gave that to me,” she said. 

Burdette said she likes how easy it is for her to upload her NFTs and connect her wallet to the Fimi NFT Marketplace. 

“If it wasn’t for Fimi, I wouldn’t know how to put my NFTs up,” she admits.  

Watch the joyous and fascinating journey of an artist finding her voice on a path of self-discovery.

In this Stuntin’ episode McKayla Burdette takes us through her collections on the Fimi NFT Marketplace; ‘Cosmic Flowers,’ ‘Spirit Houses,’ and ‘The Bright Red Balloon.’ Burdette likes to create unique NFTs and puts a lot of thought into her limited-edition pieces. 

See McKayla Burdette’s prolific NFT collection on Fimi NFT Marketplace.