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Metal, Fimi Genesis Artist

Metal, Fimi Genesis Artist

Metal has been doodling since high school. He says he has always channeled what’s in his brain to a sheet of paper. A landscaper by trade, the Fimi Genesis Artist is also a photographer, and the outdoors is his artistic playground. 

This 90’s kid’s work and inspiration are steeped in nostalgia.  Metal uses references from comic books and TV shows he used to watch growing up, as anchor points to his creations. These references sometimes create a spark in his mind and the artist channels that energy into a drawing.  Metal says when he gets an idea in his head- no matter how big or difficult, he just ‘goes for it,’ no matter what. 

“I try to challenge myself and get better with each piece,” he says. 

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‘Queen of the Hive’ by Metal

His NFTs are hand drawn with lots of color.  Metal admits that he is particular to darker hues like violet, red and black and he attempts to make them harmonious in his artistic visions. 

“I’m doing hand-drawn abstract creations from my mind,” the artist says. 

Metal is also a photographer, and that artistic avenue introduced him to the world of NFTS. He says a friend introduced him to Gnaw, the Bear’s NFTs last year. Metal started experimenting heavily with editing his photographs and turning them into NFTs. 

His art on Fimi NFT Marketplace is draped in fantasy and the backstory to each piece reads like a page out of popular make-believe realm. 

In this Stuntin’ interview, we get to peek into Metal’s mind and see how the artist creates his imaginative and thought-provoking NFTs. 

See Metal’s creations here.