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Stuntin’ Blog- Gavner’s World

When Gavner joined the NFT community a year ago as a freelance 3D artist, he was surprised by the level of support he received. 

“It was a strange experience. I wasn’t used to that,” he said. 

After 15 years of competing for big-ticket traditional designer jobs with top brands, he struggled with the decision to create his own NFT community.  He ascertains that being a freelancer is a “dog eat dog” world where you compete to get a new client, get the job, finish the job, get paid, repeat. 

“Can’t they just like me and buy the art?” he questioned jokingly. 

As an introvert, Gavner is uncomfortable with the spotlight. When he did his research, he noticed that other artist-based NFT projects had the artist as the nucleus. He kept thinking about what his community would look like without him being the center of attention. He has now created a robust NFT community that supports networking with other artists. This approach has enabled The Color of Love to emerge as a supportive and safe space where followers can gain insight and real-world advice on marketing and promotion of their art. 

Watch more below as Gavner talks about the importance of building an NFT community in this Stuntin’ episode.

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