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Stuntin’ Blog- MrsMetal

In this episode of Stuntin’, Fimi Genesis Artist MrsMetal describes herself as a “quiet artist.” Relatively new to the NFT space, she found her online tribe of fellow artists and NFT collectors who offered support and acceptance. 

With a new boost of confidence and energy, MrsMetal launched her artistic endeavors creating Alice in Wonder-like worlds of vibrant colors and movement.  

Space Traveler Mrs metal
“Space Traveler” MrsMetal

“I dream in full vibrant colors,” she divulges in her Stuntin’ interview. “What you see is what I dream,” she continues. 

As a wife and a mother, finding time to create these worlds has not been easy for this newcomer.  She has dived even further into AI (artificial intelligence) which has assisted the artist to create her dreamy worlds and is a big time- saver for the artist. 

Inspiration is found in the every day and everywhere there is wonder, she tells us. Learn more about her journey entering the NFT art space and how web3 has changed her life in this week’s Stuntin’.

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