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Stuntin’ Blog- Sekou Luke

Sekou Luke is a multi-disciplinary artist. He started out as a performer and one project took him behind the scenes into an editing room where he discovered his calling as a storyteller. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Luke used his photography in part as therapy and part as creative expression. He reflected that those daily walks were his way of checking the pulse of Harlem and how the neighborhood was coping. While already dealing with the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter  Movement (BLM) culminated with protest marches and rallies.  It was during this time that Luke used his camera again and documented his surroundings. 


As a Fimi Artist in Residence, Luke said he firmly believes in “building our own table” and not waiting to be called or noticed by the traditional gatekeepers of art. Luke’s personal vision aligns with Fimi’s mission in ensuring that stories from underrepresented communities are told. 

In this Stuntin’ episode, Luke dives into his journey as an artist, using his skills as a storyteller to create short documentary videos on Black creatives. 

Luke’s NFT collection on the Fimi NFT Marketplace is titled “Notes from Harlem.”