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Stuntin’ Fimi Artist Spotlight- Troydel Wallace

Jamaican-born illustrator, designer, and fine artist, Troydel Wallace started drawing very young. As he got older, he grew confident in his skills as an artist. He garnered compliments and accolades from his teachers and family members. All of that came to a screeching halt when he enrolled in art school and realized he was the proverbial small fish in a big pond.   

In this episode of Stuntin’, Wallace talks about the importance of truly being honest with oneself as an artist in order to truly set yourself apart. He faced tough criticisms from his peers, after dusting off his feelings, he applied himself to his craft and his signature style emerged. 

These days, Wallace’s style plays heavily with Afro-Futurism and dripping Black people in gold. Gold has become the artist’s signature because of the ‘regalness it gives to Black people’ he says. His images show a world where his subjects are celebrated as part of humanity.  

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