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What is an NFT Calendar?

What are NFT calendars? 

Simply stated, NFT calendars are websites where artists can inform others about when their work drops (is available for sale).  Artists can publicize their work and buyers are kept in the loop about the latest artwork available via email announcements and reminders.   

Why are these important? 

Successful artists all share one necessity: exposure.  The likelihood of selling an NFT when there’s a lack of exposure is greatly diminished compared to NFTs that receive exposure.  That’s one of the reasons why Fimi NFT Marketplace excels compared to larger NFT marketplaces.  We work hard to provide exposure on the website and through our social media efforts on behalf of the artists and creators who mint on Fimi NFT Marketplace. In fact, Fimi NFT Marketplace’s Stuntin’ program’s sole purpose is to assist artists in shilling (promoting) their NFTs so that the artists here gain more exposure, have assistance in their own shilling efforts, and are able to spend more time creating and less time selling. 

What NFT calendars should I use? 

There are a number of NFT Calendars that you may want to consider using.  The following list are all independent sites and are not affiliated with Fimi Market Inc. Here’s a quick list in no particular order: 

Rarity Tools (

NFT Lately (  

NFT Evening ( ( ( (  

Nifty Selects ( (  

NFT Guide (https://www/